We started researching Traction way back in 2009. Since then we’ve read thousands of posts on traction, the best of which we have curated for you below.

This traction resource list is organized by chapters in our book, one for each of the 19 traction channels and 5 introductory chapters on traction strategy, testing, and frameworks.

The first edition of Traction came out last fall, helping startups of all kinds get traction, large and small, consumer and enterprise-oriented alike. Using techniques from our book, we sold out over 35,000 copies across 3 printings, now with 160+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

We self-published the first edition. Over the past six months, we’ve been working with Penguin to publish a second edition, fully revised and updated, with a new preface and new testing addendum, more crisply explaining how to get traction. The new cover is pictured above. Traction re-launches . October 6th. Get the first 3 chapters now at TractionBook.com

We hope you find the following traction resource list as useful as we have.

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